Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why are soy candles better than paraffin candles?

I am in love with Soy candles! 

I have loved candles for years, but started noticing black soot marks on cabinets, walls and plastic in our home.. Eventually, I realized it was being caused by wax candles purchased from stores... After doing a lot of research on candles, I realized those candles were made from paraffin, which is a byproduct of petroleum... Petroleum, as in gasoline! Paraffin is the sludge waste created when crude oil is refined into gasoline.. Doesn't that seem kind of dangerous?

The picture below is one I took to compare a soy candle to parafin candles I had previously used in my home.. See the black soot around the top of the three containers compared to the clean jar of pure soy wax? I promise, I did not do anything to create this look. These are candles I actually used.. The candle burning is a soy candle I made.. No black soot on that container!! Soy burns very clean....The other candles were not cheap candles, either.. They were mid priced up to an expensive candle made by a very popular company.. That soot didn't just stop at the rim of these jars. It was released into our home!  YUCK...

As paraffin wax burns, it releases 11 known toxins into the environment, that environment being your home! Paraffin wax also burns hotter and faster, so paraffin candles will not last as long as Soy Candles.. 

Soy candles are made from soy beans.. Not only is it a natural and renewable product, but it also releases no toxins into the air and it supports American farmers.. .  

When I first realized candles were causing the black soot in our home, I stopped using candles completely. But I really missed candles so started researching them online.. That's when I found out about soy candles and the total benefit to using them.. 

I started looking for them in stores, but I wasn't really thrilled with what I was finding.. First off, I didn't like the scents that were offered and I didn't like the prices at all.. On top of that, when reading the small print, I realized they weren't even pure soy! They were a mix of soy and paraffin... A little paraffin is too much paraffin...

So I found someone who made pure soy candles and purchased some from her.. They were so nice.. they had a wonderful aroma, they burned clean and lasted a very long time. 

Being me, I knew I could make them, too. lol... So I studied all I could on how to make a great soy candle, found several suppliers and got busy... I've been making soy candles for about 3 years now and LOVE making them... 

Best of all, I now have no worries about the candles burning in my home.. We no longer have any black marks anywhere in our house caused by candle soot and boy is it fun to be able to pick from so many scents! 

I like candles to not only smell beautiful, but to look beautiful, too, so I offer a large variety of candle jars that can be filled with whatever candle scent you choose...

I choose soy...I hope you will, too! 

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